Chicago Home Show Highlights

Welcome to our Chicago Home Show Page for Homeowners!  We are very pleased to bring you the highest quality lineup of home shows in the Chicago area, bar none.

In fact, we are now the sole producer of FREE Admission and FREE Parking Home Shows in this market, a true testament to our ability to deliver you the finest events with the greatest variety of products and services to help you find what you need to remodel, repair, upgrade and enhance your home!

We are a local family owned and operated business with literally hundreds of shows of experience under our belts and we want you to know that your time is truly valuable, both to your Family and ours.  This is why we’ve taken great care in selecting exactly when and where we’ve scheduled each and every home show in an effort to deliver these great events in convenient locations to ALL Chicago area homeowners. 

We truly hope to see and serve you at the show that is most convenient for you and your Family.  

Please click on the following buttons for a basic description of the events nearest you, along with a link to each dedicated site for each home show with full details . . .

Please contact us with any questions and we will be more than happy to help.  Feel free to call or TEXT us at 630-953-2500 or Email us at   We greatly look forward to helping you and your family find a better life with a better home!

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